Can’t open show in ProShow

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

The most common cause for this type of issue is a corrupted show cache file or PXC.  To resolve this issue remove the cache file (PXC) for your show and force ProShow to re-create this file by loading your show into ProShow again.

When trying to open a show, it appears as if nothing happens. You may also experience a busy cursor that doesn’t seem to go away or the program may close. This only occurs in some shows, but other shows open without a problem.  Your show seems to load, but when loaded has no images or audio files in show.

Each show has its own cache file (PXC) and each one has the potential to get into this state.  When ProShow writes to this file it is caching your show data for that particular show.  If a program is monitoring the read/write access of your files it is possible that while ProShow was writing to the cache file another program interrupted the process causing the file to become corrupt.

Here are some things to try:

Remove the show cache file

1)  Go to your Start button

2)  If you have a search bar on your Start Menu, use that to search. If you do not, click on the Search option (keyboard shortcut: windows logo key+F) on your Start Menu and then click All Files and Folders on the left-hand side of the new Search window.

3)  Either way you access Search, type in *.pxc and look for a result with the name of the Show that has the problem

4)  When the file has been located, delete the file

This is *NOT* your Show. It is a safe file to delete. The next time you try to open your Show, this file will be recreated.

Open a back-up version of your show

1)  Go to File and then Open

2)  Change the option that may say “Proshow Files’ to All Files

3)  Now locate your back up files for your show; they will be named nameofyourshow.bak andnameofyourshow.b01 – b09.  The .bak file will be the most recent backup and it is best to try and open this one first.

4) Once the backup of your show loads into ProShow you will want to save your show.  To do this click File, then Save As and type in a filename for your show.

3.  If you find that either of the first two options do not work, we may need to get your files for further investigation of your issue.  In some cases, shows may not be retrievable depending on if the file is corrupted or not.  This can happen from time to time, and that is why we recommend making sure to have consistent saves of your shows.

If you find that you are still not able to open a show, it is usually best to Contact Us with your show specific issue for further assistance.