Access Content on Mac when running Windows in Parallels

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When using Parallels on your Mac, its best to move image, video, and audio files to the local path of the guest OS (Windows) to make sure ProShow works at its best.

There are a few ways to access your Mac content in the guest OS in Parallels. Let’s take a look at these options below.

Access content using Parallels Shared Folders shortcut!01 Win Access MAC from Shortcut on Desktop

  1. Locate the ‘Parallels Shared Folders’ shortcut on the Windows desktop.
  2. Double left-click this shortcut to immediately access the shared content on your Mac.
  3. Once you’ve located the content, right-click the folder / files and select copy so you can quickly paste this into a local folder in Windows.
  4. Now open up the Pictures folder or create a new folder in Windows, and paste your content into this folder before you add this content into ProShow.

Access content using File Explorer in Windows!02.a.i Win Access MAC from Computer in File Explorer


  1. Left-click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar on bottom of screen
  2. On the left column choose Computer
  3. Choose the Home on ‘psf’ (Z:) network drive to view your shared content



!02.b.i Win Access MAC content from Win 1

  1. On the left column choose Network
  2. Then double left-click Home to view your shared content





Any content you plan to use in ProShow needs to be copied from the shared PSF location to a local folder on the Windows OS. This usually includes the library locations, desktop or any of the user folders (i.e. Documents, Music, Pictures or Video). Once the content is moved to this local path it’s ready to be imported into ProShow.