What happened to ProShow Sharing?

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

Wondering what happened to the Share button on our website?  ProShow Sharing is still there, it is just accessed differently on our new website.

When our new website was released in June 2011, we removed the Share button from the main navigation bar. Online sharing is still available, and all your content is safe. We just changed how you get to it.

To access your gallery:

  1. Sign in.
  2. In the member bar at the very top of the screen, click Gallery.

Why the change?

Our online sharing service started back in 2001 as a feature of CompuPic. We expanded it to include slideshow sharing in early 2004. At the time, it wasn’t practical to stream video online. The technology wasn’t there yet, and sites like YouTube and Vimeo either didn’t exist or were in their infancy. Our online sharing service was a way for our users to share slideshows online in these pre-video days.

Today, there are a number of different options for sharing video online. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and SmugMug all make great choices, and each is tailored to a different type of usage. With all these options for sharing HD video, many users will find sharing through these services to be a better choice than sharing through our service. We encourage that, as many of these services offer sharing and community features that are just outside the scope of what we do.

To help keep the focus of our site where it belongs – creating slideshows – we’ve downplayed our online sharing service. It’s still there, but it’s now a more subtle area of the site. It’s a feature for ProShow users, not a key section of our website. It’s not about having a page where people can come browse for slideshows (there are other sites and blogs for that – like our blog…).

The goal of our sharing service is to give you a place to post your show, then let you share that link however you see fit.

Where did the browse field go?

As part of this change, we also removed the field for browsing galleries by member name. Just like our other changes to the Sharing service, this change was made to keep the service focused. That browse field made sense when there was a section of the site dedicated to sharing but that section is now gone.

The best way to send someone to your gallery is to give them a link. It’s direct, easy to follow, and leaves no room for mistake.

What about members who just want to browse around by entering different user names? Well – that’s not what ProShow Sharing was intended for. The service is just a place to post a show online so you can give someone a link. If you’re looking for a place to browse videos and shows, search, etc – there are lots of services that do just that.