Audio file won’t import into ProShow

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Audio files that are rejected by ProShow may be copy protected, corrupt or simply in an unsupported file format.

Why did the file get rejected?

When an audio file is dropped into a show or otherwise imported, ProShow does a quick analysis to see if the track meets certain basic criteria. Tracks which fail one or more of those checks are rejected and an error message, “Could not load audio”, is displayed.

How can I get my audio to import?

Audio tracks that fail to import should first be checked against our list of supported formats. Files of a type not appearing in the Audio Formats section of that resource will need to be converted to a supported format. Sites like provide an entirely online solution for this process while more traditional desktop software, some of which can be obtained at no charge, is available from places like CNET Downloads. In most cases, converting to the MP3 format will be the best option.

If an audio track is in a supported format but still fails to import then it should be checked (played) in another application. Windows Media Player and VLC are both good choices for this type of check. If the other application that supports that file format also fails to process the track properly then the file may be corrupt. Converting the track to any of the formats supported in ProShow may eliminate the problem. Files that cannot be made to work after such a conversion should be replaced.

Audio tracks which are of a supported file format and which play in other software should import into ProShow. Those that do not are likely protected and thus cannot be used in ProShow. This is commonly seen with tracks from places like iTunes. In these situations it is necessary to obtain an alternate, unprotected, version of the audio track for use in ProShow.

If you’re still having trouble getting a particular audio file to import into ProShow then you should Contact Us for direct assistance.