Syncing your slides to music

ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer

ProShow provides many different ways for you to sync your slides to the music in your show. You can control how it syncs the slides to your music using specific guidelines or you can use one of the Quick sync functions to sync your music to the entire show,  selected slides or even by selected slides to track.

The quickest way to sync the entire soundtrack to all slides is done by hitting CTRL + Q.  This will make the audio in your show begin with your slides and also end with the last slide in your show.

If you are looking for more control, you need to use the Sync Slides to Audio or Quick Sync options located under the ‘Audio’ drop down window.

Note: When using this feature it is best to have all slides in place and all audio tracks imported and in the correct order before syncing your music to your show.

Syncing Slides to Audio

The easiest way to sync your audio is to use the ‘Sync slide to audio’ option located under the ‘Audio’ drop down menu in ProShow.  This brings up a panel that allows you to tell ProShow ‘how’ you would like it to sync your audio to the show.  The default options will sync the entire show to the audio in your show.


As you can see from the figure listed above, you have additional options to control how ProShow syncs your music to the show. You have the ability to adjust only the ‘Slide times’ or only the ‘Transition times’. You can sync all slides or only selected slides and you can select how the times are adjusted.  At first some of these options may be confusing, but once you see the actions in the application, it is visually easy to understand by watching what happens to your show after using this option.

Quick Sync

Quick Sync is available for those that are looking for a simple and easy way to sync the slides and music together so that both the slides and music start and end at the same time.  You have three Quick Sync options to choose from:Menubar_Audio_Quicksync


  • Quick Sync – Entire Show (Ctrl+Q)
  • Quick Sync – Select Slides (Ctrl+Shift+Q)
  • Quick Sync – Selected Slides to Track (Alt+Q)


Quick Sync – Entire Show

This option takes all slides and all audio tracks in your show and adjust the timing of both the slide and transition duration so that the last slide of your show will end with the end of your music track.  This the most commonly used sync option in ProShow.

Quick Sync – Selected Slides

This option takes the slides you have selected in your slide list and syncs them to all audio tracks in your show.

Quick Sync – Select Slides to Track

This option will take the slides you have selected in your slide list and sync them to a specific track. If you are trying to sync a specific song with a specific section of slides, this is the option you want to use.  Just remember that its best to work from start to beginning of the show when using this option.  Just like reading a book, you want to make sure you work from left to right.