Purchasing ProShow from eBay

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You may spot what appears to be a great deal for ProShow on eBay, but be careful – it’s almost certainly a scam and you’ll end up with an illegal copy.

Photodex does not sell ProShow on eBay or other 3rd party sites. If you purchase ProShow from anybody but us, you’ve probably been scammed.

From time to time we talk to a customer who is having problems buying an upgrade or accessory because we can’t find their registration. In some cases it turns out they’ve purchased on eBay. We hate to give you bad news, but if you’ve purchased our products through eBay, you’ve probably been scammed.

Photodex only sells direct. We like to have a direct relationship with our customers, and we don’t like 3rd parties to get in the way. We don’t sell through eBay, we don’t sell through Amazon.

When you see a listing on eBay, it is usually someone selling illegal copies. They are using a key generator or patching the software to try and create a fake registration. Often, these keys or patches simply won’t work. Sometimes they’ll actually break your software or get your computer infected with a virus. Either way – you’re not getting a real registration. You’re just giving money to a thief.

In some cases, users are trying to resell a registration they purchased from us. ProShow registrations are not transferrable. If you purchase someone else’s registration, you’re not properly licensed.

If you purchase from anyone other than Photodex, you’re not getting a real registration, and you will not be able to purchase upgrades and accessories or get registered-user support.