Custom branding in ProShow Web

ProShow Web

ProShow Web gives Premium subscribers some additional options for controlling the branding of their shows. Branding refers the use of logos, company names, and the like with your show. By default, shows and pages use ProShow branding, meaning they use the ProShow Web page layout and may include ProShow Web watermarks and advertisements.

Branding is available to Premium subscribers only.

If you’re a Free or Plus subscriber, you will see these branding options in ProShow Web, and your shows may contain ProShow Web branding that you can’t remove. If you’d like to remove the ProShow Web branding and get access to these options, you’ll want to upgrade to a Premium subscription.


What Can Be Branded

There are three main ways you can work with branding in ProShow Web:

  • Watermarks
    watermark is a graphic that is place in the lower right corner of your show. It’s most often used to put a logo over your show. You’ve probably seen this on TV when a television network adds their logo to the bottom right corner of the screen.


  • Call-to-Action Link
    call-to-action is a link that appears when someone is watching your show. It’s specific to just that show – making it perfect for things like ordering prints, getting more information, etc.


  • Custom Branding
    When you give someone a link to watch your show on this website they’ll see the ProShow Web name, page layout and brand. If you’re selling your slideshow creation services you may not want your customers seeing that the show was made with ProShow Web. Custom branding let you not only remove the ProShow Web branding but replace it with your own.


Using Watermarks

Adding a well-designed watermark can easily make your show look more professional, add some self-promotion and help protect your copyright. Using watermarks is really simple – you just upload an image to use as a watermark. To remove a custom watermark just click on remove watermark.

How to Add a Watermark

  1. Open a show.
  2. Go to show settings.
  3. Click on add watermark.
  4. Pick an image.
  5. Click the Open button.

Picking the Right Image

Not all images make great watermarks. To get good results from a watermark you need to start with a good image.

Some tips for choosing the right watermark image

  • Use a PNG image that has transparency. Using a PNG lets you have irregular shapes and control the opacity.
  • Avoid using normal photos. A standard photo just doesn’t look good as a watermark.
  • Use an image that is square or slightly horizontal. Vertical images don’t work well.
  • If you want to adjust the position of your watermark, use an editor like Adobe Photoshop to add some extra blank space to one of the sides in your image. This padding will nudge the image.

Using Call-to-Action Links

A call-to-action link lets you link your show back to something of interest like your website or a shopping cart. The call-to-action is a great way to encourage your viewer to take some action when they’re finished watching your show. Common uses include links to buy prints, read more about the slideshow or order a DVD. Call-to-action links are specific to each show. This means that you can have each show point to a page specific for that show. (To add a general link to all your shows, use the link option under Customizing the Unbranded Page, below.)

 How to Add a Call-to-Action

  1. Go to your shows.
  2. Open a show.
  3. Go to show settings and locate Link near the bottom of your show settings.
  4. In the first field enter what you want the link to say.
  5. In the second field, enter the URL the viewer should go to when they click the link.

 Where Do Call-to-Action Links Appear?

When played back on this site your link is visible before and after playback is finished, or when the show becomes paused. For embedded videos on other sites, your link appears in the player anytime the show is not playing.

Where Flash Player
(Normal usage)
HTML5 Player
(iPhone, iPad, etc)
ProShow Web Yes Yes
ProShow Web (custom branded) Yes1 Yes
Embedded on another site Yes2 Yes

1 On the custom branded page your call-to-action link will appear in the player and below the player, so it’s visible even when the show is playing.
2 For embedded video the call-to-action link will appear in the player only.


Using Unbranded Pages

Unbranded pages let you bring a visitor to this website to watch a show while hiding nearly all references to Photodex or ProShow Web. Not only does it remove the standard ProShow Web page branding but it lets you add your own. This works by using a special watch link for your show. When a visitor follows this special link they get the unbranded version of the page. So, if you’re trying to share an unbranded page be sure to get the right link, as explained below.

A Word of Caution:
Tech-savvy users may be able to figure out that the link goes to a Photodex server. If you need to be 100% completely guaranteed that the show only points to you, you’ll need to download the video and place it on your own server. The unbranded link is intended to let you share the link with confidence that the average user wouldn’t find anything that would lead them to us.


Unbranded Page Links and URLs

The default URL you see in your web browser is ProShow Web branded. If you link a user to any page that starts with they will see ProShow Web. They will also see Photodex in the URL, which is a dead giveaway.


How to Get an Unbranded Page Link

  1. Go to your shows.
  2. Click on a show then click the green Watch button on your upper right.
  3. Now click on the Share button above your show.
  4. Toggle ProShow Branding to Custom.
  5. Then click Link.
  6. Finally, click the link shown under Link to copy that link.

When the Branding option is set to Custom you’ll notice that the link provided by the <link> feature points to This URL is for the custom branded page. Share this special link any way you want. When Branding is set to ProShow, the link will point to the normal ProShow Web version of the page.

Unbranded Links & Sharing Options

ProShow Web supports several different ways to share your show. Some of these support  unbranded links, others don’t. Sites like YouTube don’t actually link back to our site (your video is played on their site) so we can’t control the branding. Only sharing services where we’re sharing a link (not uploading the video) support custom branding.

Sharing Type ProShow Unbranded
YouTube Yes No
Facebook Yes Yes
Twitter Yes Yes
Link Yes Yes
Embed Yes No
Sharing Yes No

Customizing the Unbranded Page

The  unbranded link option not only removes the ProShow Web branding but lets you add your own custom flair to the page. You can customize colors, add a background / logo and add a custom link back to your site.

These options are configured from your ProShow Web Settings.

  1. Access your Settings by mousing over your name at the top of the ProShow Web page and clicking Settings)
  2. Under ProShow Web click Edit ProShow Web Settings
  3. Make the desired changes then click Save All Changes


Picking a Color

Colors can be specified directly using hexidecimal values or by use of the color picker, which has several handy color presets built-in. You can find hex values for colors in Adobe Photoshop’s color picker. There are also a ton of great websites that can help you with hex color values. Just search for hexidecimal color values.

Adding a Logo or Background

The greatest way to promote your brand is to add a custom background image. You can tile it or have it appear just in the upper left. To add a logo, just create a version of your logo that works well in the upper left and set it as the background. Large logos that work well with the chosen background color can look great.


When an Unbranded Link Stops Working

There are a few situations where an unbranded link will stop working. In these cases, users will see the normal ProShow Web branding even if you are using the unbranded link.

  • Your Premium subscription ends or is cancelled.
  • You have a Plus or Free subscription.
  • You use the style link.